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Home Theater & Smart Home Installation

Welcome to The Media Room

There are two types of home theater systems – those that entertain you and those that blow you away.  At The Media Room, we specialize in designing and installing the latter.  We have tremendous expertise and experience transforming homes into audio/visual theatrical masterpieces, which our clients not only enjoy, but constantly rave to friends, relatives and neighbors about.  Our goal is to make you the envy of your neighborhood – the Bill Gates of your block- with an insane entertainment and home automation system everyone else only dreams of having.

We are not your run-of-the-mill home theater installer.  We are in-home entertainment specialists with decades of experience who are focused on over-the-top home theater and home automation installation solutions.  We craft and install high-end systems that are truly second to none.

The Media Room is a full-service company…we take care of everything from system design, equipment selection/procurement and installation, to system testing, programming, and remote-control training.  Once your home theater / home automation system is installed and fully tested, we give you the keys to the kingdom.  With a push of a button, your lighting will dim, shades will close, and a ground-shaking, hair-raising rock concert will unleash right in your living room. The experience will be so spectacular that you will feel as if you are actually at the concert, or on the 50-yard line at the football game.  Now that is power.  That is The Media Room experience.


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