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Doctor's & Dentist Office Installations

Doctor's and Dentist offices are increasingly integrating automated systems to enhance their practices.  From basic flat panel televisions in the lobby to computer and phone systems.  It is common to also see advanced lighting control, music systems and even in-wall iPads. Below you will find common installations for these types of businesses.






Almost all Doctor's and Dentist offices now have flat panel TVs mounted in their lobbies.  It is a good way to entertain your clients while they wait.  Large flat panel installations are also commonly being used in patient rooms to not only entertain but for blowing up x-rays and displaying other data vital to a patient.










Music is a great way to allow your clients in a waiting area or patient room to feel more relaxed.  We can offer state of the art office music installations which are easily controlled and makes your practice feel more professional.  You can even set different types of music to play on different speakers throughout your offices for added customization.










Phone systems and computer network wiring are a necessity for all businesses.  When done correctly, these systems will work seamlessly and efficiently.  Whether big or small, we offer complete wiring solutions to suit the needs of your business and will help you maximize the use of your space and equipment. 











In-wall iPad installations are a great way to operate all of the automated features of your office from music to lighting and security. Some pediatric doctors have even installed in-wall iPads in their lobbies which allow kid-friendly games to be played while waiting.

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