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Office Building Installations

If you own an office building or are renting space in a building, we offer a variety of services to get your business up and running.  From wiring for phone & computer systems to conference rooms and surveillance systems, we've got you covered.  Please read below to learn more about services we can offer to a business or corporate environment.


If your building or office is still in the construction stage, we can offer Pre-Wire services which will make it much easier and quicker to mount TVs, set up music systems, set up surveillance systems, etc. when the time comes.  







Phone systems and computer network wiring are a necessity for all businesses.  When done correctly, these systems will work seamlessly and efficiently.  Whether big or small, we offer complete wiring solutions to suit the needs of your business and will help you maximize the use of your space and equipment. 









Conference rooms come in all shapes and sizes.  We can customize a solution that works for you and your business.  We offer everything from basic phone/computer conference systems to much more elaborate video conferencing installations utilizing the latest technology.  Added funtionality can include integrated sound systems and lighting control.









Security is always at the top of the list when it comes to the work environment.  We can offer surveillance installations that can monitor activity inside and outside with the capability to control and view cameras from virtually anywhere in the world.  Added security features include automated door locking systems, access control, and advanced lighting control.

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