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Restaurant/Bar Installations

These days most restaurants and bars offer their customers the option to watch television while they dine.  Some restaurants may have one television while sports bars may have five, ten or even more televisions mounted around the establishment.


Using The Media Room to pre-wire your bar or restaurant during construction allows us to install televisions, computers, phone systems and sound systems much easier when the time comes.  Below are some common restaurant and bar installations that The Media Room specializes in:







You may want to give your customers a more enjoyable experience by providing mounted televisions that stream news, sports or sitcoms.


Sports bars will often provide a dozen or more screens so that they can display multiple sporting events at once.









Music systems are a must for every bar or restaurant and The Media Room has extensive experience in creating amazing audio environments.  Whether you want hidden speakers to play relaxing background music or need a massive system for playing live music, we will work with you to build the perfect solution. 






Is your business still under construction or in the planning stages? This is a perfect time to have your restaurant or bar pre-wired which makes it much easier and quicker to mount TVs, set up surround sound systems, etc. when the time comes.  Click HERE to go to our pre-wire service page to read more about it.

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